Why Titan

At Titan Truss Trailers, we are more than just a trailer manufacturer. We know the challenges of hauling trusses, so our trailer is designed to deliver trusses to the job site with less headaches. With our trailer you will be able to focus on giving your customers a higher quality experience with half of the hassle of the current standard of hauling trusses. Not only will our trailer save costs our trailer will also save the time and hassle of scheduling and ordering permits. Our goal is to provide you with quality-built trailers with quality service and support for our product. Thinking of buying one of our trailers? Read on for a few more reasons our trailers might be exactly what you are looking for.

Maximum Delivery Profitability

Our trailer is designed to haul trusses upside down to eliminate the cost of permits and escorts. This will also allow you to plan your trips to not get stuck in rush hour traffic avoiding unproductive time spend sitting in traffic. Our trailer can also haul two different size trusses allowing you to haul to two different jobsites in one day. This allows you to get more jobs done faster without having to travel back to the shop.

Minimize Time and Travel Restrictions

Our trailer will allow you to avoid needing to wait for oversize load curfews. This allows for you to set your own time frame to get to the jobsite. Our trailer also allows you to go through construction sites and thru tunnels that you normally would have to travel around.

Minimize Permits and Escorts

Our trailer allows you to avoid wide loads. By hauling trusses upside down you now have the ability to take trusses up to 13’ tall down the road without permits or escorts. This eliminates a lot of hassle in the office scheduling the escorts and ordering permits allowing your employees to have a better quality work experience.

Eliminate Damage to the Payload and Jobsite

Our trailer is equipped with a patented technology that allows you to lay the trusses down to the side in a safe and controlled fashion. This controlled operation keeps trusses from getting damaged from unloading. This operation also allows you to unload the trusses into an area that you wouldn’t want to drive on. Which prevents ruts created by wheels and keeps the trusses from digging into the ground damaging the jobsite area.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone Who Hauls Trusses